Chusquea gigantea


Chusquea gigantea





One of the most impressive bamboos that can be grown in the UK. 

Where space permits, it makes a superb specimen plant or screen.

Although clump-forming, its canes are well spaced and can eventually produce a grove of tall, upright stems with a substantial diameter. Prominent nodes further enhance its appearance. 

It is one of the few bamboos with a deep root system and this may be the reason why it rarely adapts well to being grown in pots.

It is of moderate hardiness and has tolerated -15C.

Lives up to its name and should achieve a mature height of over 20ft. (7m)

Slow to propagate and consequently often in short supply.  

Very limited supply.

Some clones of Chusquea gigantea are reported to be flowering at present. 

(Has also been listed as Chusquea breviglumis & Chusquea aff culeou)


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